Protein Bar Analysis: Which brand will work best for me?

The new era of marketing that has entered the fitness industry driven by social media has led to a nuch higher intrigue and uptake into the market. Men and Women are much more inclined to “get in shape” and improve themselves. Whilst on the whole this is a great thing, the more healthy people the better our society should be. But as with all things, there is a darker side which allows inflamed insecurity to be preyed on and make people more susceptible to clever marketing schemes and subtle social media ploys for business – for the record all of which I have fallen into at some point or another. An example of this is protein based products, supplements, bars, and foods are a relatively new and popular thing – you will notice that alot of things coupled with added protein appended to it costing a fraction more in price and alot of it, does not constitute the price or the degradation in taste or texture, in my opinion.

I use protein bars to mediate sweet cravings, and to use as a snack throughout the day or before training, I supplement between 1-2 of these per day, and on weekends I generally dont use them. I also use them to keep sugars to a minimum in my diet, as alot of protein bars use either more natural sweeteners like Stevia instead of processed sugars, and offset other sugars and carbs into fibers.

When I was looking at using protein bars, of course the largest brands I started with were the fitness giants like MyProtein, BulkPowders etc. When I decided to take responsibility for planning a serious diet and making a real change I wanted to know which of these were the best to invest in, consume and which would add the most benefit to my diet and goals. Therefore I have done some research on various protein bar brands and their nutritional values, prices and for the ones that I have tried, some notes on taste and texture.

With all nutrition, a scientific method of testing should be taken to see what works for each of us the best. So take a look and let me know which you go with, and how you get on with them:

Protein Bar Analysis


At the moment, I am using a mixture of Quest and Grenade bars, as these are low in calories, ~190 and ~215kcal per 60g respectively. But post competition I will be looking further outward and will be trying some more of the brands I have listed in the document above.

Feel free to comment, or send me any thoughts to either @The5thRoundMMA or @HarryPowellMMA over on Twitter.

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